Health & Wellbeing

From health care to activities - on these pages you’ll find information about ageing positively.

The Healthy Ageing Strategy has been released.

It sets the direction and action plan for next ten years for the health and wellbeing of older people.

The strategy prioritises healthy ageing, acute and restorative care, living well with long-term conditions, supporting those with high and complex needs, and respectful end-of-life care.

Social isolation

There are many ways to prevent social isolation in your community.

Social support

Information on where to find out more about NZ Superannuation and other support.


Older lady on Pokies

Gambling can be a hidden problem for older people, who may also suffer from the effects of gambling by family members, but help is available.

Staying safe in your home

The little things we do can greatly enhance our safety and peace of mind. Read on for tips on how you can feel more safe at home and in your community.