NZ Superannuation

A gateway to resources on NZ Super.

Are you nearing 65? Lots of people have questions about NZ Super including residency requirements and what the different rates are depending on things like your relationship and living circumstances.

You can find answers to these questions and more at:

Apply for NZ Super

With more and more seniors using the internet to help manage their lives, you may like to add applying for New Zealand Superannuation to that list. We've put together information to help.

If you are planning to go overseas

If you receive New Zealand Superannuation or Veteran’s Pension and are going overseas, even for a short time, you may need to tell the Ministry of Social Development about your travel plans so your payments are not affected.

You should contact Senior Services if you:

• will be out of NZ for 28 days (four weeks) or more, or

• don’t know exactly when you will return, or

• intend to have more than one overseas trip within 12 months even if they will all be short trips. For example, someone who spends only short periods of time in New Zealand between trips could be seen to be living overseas and therefore their entitlement to NZ Super or Veteran’s Pension may be affected.

Senior Services will let you know about any effect your trip may have on your payments. It’s straightforward and easy to do it online.