Get your finances sorted

Senior carpenter

Even with so many older adults contributing to the paid workforce, many seniors may start to work reduced hours or might even be working for free as volunteers or looking after the grandchildren.

As your income goes down, or if you are adjusting to living off a fixed income such as your superannuation, it’s important to consider how you can remain financially comfortable and prepared for your future.

There are tools available online to help you budget and plan to make the most of your finances.

Sorted website

Sorted has great comprehensive resources for financial planning to help you prepare for retirement and for when you are retired.

KiwiSaver in less than 5 minutes

This video from the Commission for Financial Capability will help you understand KiwiSaver – how you invest and what to do with your investment when you turn 65.

A quick guide to financial capability

The Commission for Financial Capability is an autonomous crown entity which builds financial capability to equip the retirees of today and tomorrow. We asked them to explain what financial capability is and why we should all care about it.