Choosing Where You Live

As you age it’s natural to re-consider your living arrangements. Explore the options below:

Living at home

Many people prefer living independently at home as long as possible, particularly if you have friends and family close by.

Kate and Miranda close up inside

If you plan to stay in your home, you may want to think about future proofing it by incorporating universal design principles.

Retirement villages

Do you enjoy your independence but feel overwhelmed by home maintenance? You may want more companionship or find that you’re living far from transport or other amenities.

If this sounds like you, a retirement village may be a good option.

The Commission for Financial Capability and the Sorted websites have good advice if you’re considering a retirement village

Video supplied by the Commission for Financial Capability

Assisted living

Rest homes

If you want greater support with your day to day living, you may want to consider moving into a rest home (or residential care).

Some retirement villages also provide a high level of support – through to full hospital care and dementia care. You may want to explore retirement villages as another option.

Your community

Age Friendly Cities

The community you live in can widen your opportunities to engage in the lifestyle you want to lead.

If you want to know what opportunities there are for you be socially involved in your community, ask your local council whether they’re working towards becoming an age friendly community.