Digital Literacy Training for Seniors

In Budget 2019, the Government allocated $600,000 to provide digital literacy training for seniors over three years. It aims to:

  • enable older people to keep up with technology as it changes
  • increase older people’s the trust and confidence of carrying out online activities, including staying connected with their families and friends
  • improve digital inclusion.

We led a procurement process and contracted two service providers; Digital Inclusion Alliance Aotearoa and 2020 Communications Trust to provide Essential Digital Skills and literacy training for up to 4,700 older people.

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Evaluation Resources

The Essential Digital Skills/Literacy Evaluation Framework has been designed to help evaluate the effectiveness and quality of digital literacy training programmes for seniors.

The Office for Seniors developed the Essential Digital Skills/Literacy Evaluation Framework for anyone to use. We have shared the evaluation framework with a number of government agencies, businesses, and digital literacy training providers. Our two contracted providers have adopted the evaluation framework for their digital literacy training programmes.

We have also included a pre and post self-assessment resource to assist with evaluation.

Download the Essential Digital Skills Pre and Post Self-Assessments

Download the Essential Digital Skills Evaluation Framework for Seniors

The evaluation framework is based on the UK’s Essential Digital Skills Framework and the Department of Internal Affairs’ Digital Inclusion Blueprint Outcomes Framework. We modified it to what we think is important and relevant for older people. The self-assessment for before training is to identify the digital skills the participants want to learn and have, and a self-assessment for after training to see if they have learned and can use the skills after their training, as well as their experience about the training programmes and trainers/facilitators.