Age-friendly Cities and Communities – world experience and pointers for New Zealand

20 November 2017.

Our fast-growing ageing population presents New Zealand  with major accessibility and health issues.   By 2036, nearly one in four Kiwis will be aged over 65 and numbers over 80 will have doubled.

The challenge communities, business, local authorities and government agencies face is how to better support people to live engaged and active lives as they age.

A better understanding of Age-friendly Cities and Communities will lead to more inclusive design processes and age friendly policies. 

Age-friendly Cities and Communities – world experience and pointers for New Zealand
was written for the Office for Seniors by Dr Judith Davey.

This report has detailed background research, local policy frameworks and approaches. It provides a useful background for anyone interested in understanding more about Age-friendly Communities and how it sits within the New Zealand context.

Judith Davey

About the Author:

Dr. Judith A Davey is a Senior Associate of the Institute for Governance and Policy Studies at Victoria University. Prior to 1991 she was the Deputy Director of the New Zealand Planning Council and has been a consultant on social policy and social research since the 1970s.

Dr Davey  has researched income, transport and housing issues for older people and has published papers and reports on home equity release and intergenerational issues.

Dr Davey  has an extensive publication record, including academic papers, books and book chapters and commissioned reports and has provided advice to numerous policy-making bodies in the public, private and voluntary sectors.