EECA Energywise Insulation Grants

An insulated home is easier to heat, more comfortable and better for your health. Insulation acts as a barrier to heat loss and heat gain, particularly in roofs and ceilings, walls and floors.

It can save up to 80% in heating and cooling losses. In addition, insulation may reduce condensation, mould and damp in your home.

If you are a low-income homeowner, you may be able to get a grant covering two-thirds of the cost of ceiling and underfloor insulation.

Insulate your home - subsidies for landlords and homeowners

Insulation is the best way to keep your house warm and save on heating costs. The government has subsidies available in many parts of the country to help landlords and homeowners save hundreds of dollars on ceiling and floor insulation, draught stopping and hot water cylinder wraps.

The Energy Efficiency Conservation Authority offers EnergyWise Home Grants which are targeted at people with low incomes and cover all houses built before 2000. Ask your landlord whether they know about this scheme.

To find out whether this scheme operates in your area, phone 0800 358 676 or visit and check out the EnergyWise Home Grants page.

Man installing house insulation