Extra financial help

As you get older you are likely to face extra costs for support and assistance you’ve never needed before.

If you’re 65 or over and receiving New Zealand Superannuation or the Veteran’s Pension, you may be entitled to extra financial help.

This extra support can be used for housing, healthcare costs, help with caring for children or even for unforeseen costs.

A brief explanation about this extra support is detailed below. Should you need any financial assistance you should contact:

or phone them on 0800 552 002 to see what you may be entitled to receive.


Housing is a major expense throughout your life and often remains so in your latter years. You may be entitled to an Accommodation Supplement if your income or cash assets are below a certain amount. This can be used for help with renting, boarding or even owning your own house.


If you are faced with extra costs due to a disability or medical condition, a Disability Allowance may be able to assist you in meeting these costs. It can help cover visits to the doctor, medicines, lawn mowing or the cost of a medical alarm.

A Community Services Card is also available to seniors and will give you and your family discounts on doctors’ visit and prescriptions. It can also help towards the costs of services such as home insulation.

Emergency or unforeseen expenses

Everyone is faced with unforeseen expenses at some time throughout their life. If you urgently need something you can’t afford to pay for right now, you may be able to get an Advance Payment of your New Zealand Superannuation or Veteran’s Pension.

There is also a Special Needs Grant to help with urgent things you’ve no other way to pay for, like food, bedding and emergency medical care. You won’t usually have to pay this grant back.

If you are finding it hard to cope financially, you may be able to get Temporary Additional Support for up to 13 weeks, to help meet your essential living costs.

Funeral costs are also often unexpected and come at a very difficult time. Senior Services can help with a Funeral Grant to help you cover these costs.

Help to care for children

For a number of reasons, seniors can often find themselves caring for a child. Extra support is available in the form or an Unsupported Child’s Benefit, an Orphan’s Benefit, a Child Disability Allowance or a Childcare Subsidy.

If you find yourself in this position, get in touch with Senior Services to enquire about the extra support you can get.

Residential care

If you need to move into a rest home, you may be entitled to get a Residential Care Subsidy. This subsidy helps with the cost of your care and is paid directly to the rest home or hospital.

There are also Residential Care Loans which help older people who can’t get a Residential Care Subsidy to pay for the cost of their care.

Senior Services can provide you with further information if you are looking to move.