The Positive Ageing Strategy Goals

The vision is for a society where people can age positively, where older people are highly valued and recognised as an integral part of families and communities.

The 10 goals of the Positive Ageing Strategy are used by central and local government agencies to develop their own action plans to improve the wellbeing of older people. This ensures we are all moving in the same direction.

Under each goal you will find details of key achievements and progress and some questions for you to consider and share your ideas on.

These are from the 2014 report on the Positive Ageing Strategy.

More information and references are available by downloading a full copy of the report.

Goal 1: Income

Secure and adequate income for older people

Along with health and housing, income is key to the wellbeing of New Zealand’s older people.

Goal 2: Health

Equitable, timely, affordable and accessible health services for older people.

Older people in good health generally enjoy a good quality of life and can contribute positively to their families and communities. However, as people age their health issues can become more acute and complex, and specialist care is often required.

Goal 3: Housing

Affordable and appropriate housing options for older people

Affordable and suitable housing is critical to people’s health and wellbeing.

Goal 4: Transport

Affordable and accessible transport options for older people

Maintaining mobility for older people is crucial for their wellbeing, their ability to access services and their continued connection to their communities.

Goal 5: Ageing in the Community

Older people feel safe and secure and can age in the community

For people to age positively they need to feel safe, secure and connected to others in their communities.

Goal 6: Cultural Diversity

A range of culturally appropriate services allows choices for older people

Older people in New Zealand are increasingly diverse. The rising proportions of Māori, Pacific and Asian people are changing the cultural make-up of older people and introducing a range of approaches and attitudes towards ageing and the support of older people.

Goal 7: Rural Services

Older people living in rural communities are not disadvantaged when accessing services

New Zealand’s population is ageing at a faster rate in smaller towns and rural regions than it is in larger urban cities.

Goal 8: Positive Attitudes

People of all ages have positive attitudes to ageing and older people.

An ageing society in which older people can continue to participate, and to which they can contribute their time, energy, experience and wisdom, can bring many benefits to communities and the country.

Goal 9: Employment Opportunities

Elimination of ageism and the promotion of flexible work options

As New Zealand’s demand for skilled labour rises, older people will become an increasingly important and valuable part of our workforce. today. This ageing workforce will increasingly require employers to focus on retaining experienced and skilled employees (to ensure productivity) while mentoring younger ones.

Goal 10: Opportunities for Personal Growth & Participation

Increasing opportunities for personal growth and community participation

Older people make a vital contribution to our economy and our communities – as leaders, mentors, taxpayers, consumers, skilled workers, volunteers and caregivers.