Positive Ageing

What we're looking for is "A society where people can age positively, where older people are highly valued and recognised as an integral part of families and communities."

The Positive Ageing Strategy was developed after talking to communities about what ageing well means to them.

It continues to provide guidance to government on supporting and valuing older New Zealanders, and it promotes:

  • How important being fit and healthy is
  • Older people's skills, knowledge and experience
  • How everyone has an interest in making sure older people can participate in society.

Baby boomers are rewriting what it means to retire. They're active, fit and healthy and have no intention of fading into the background. Check out the following videos:

Staying strong

You can also download the video here. Size 1.66Mb.

Leonie line dances and goes to the gym regularly, lifting weights, in order to stay strong.

Creating connections

You can also download the video here. Size 1.21Mb.

Joining a Scribbler's group has led to Dawn writing her family's history and arrival into NZ.

Keeping fit

You can also download the video here. Size 1.21Mb.

Chris is passionate about staying fit by cycling, and stays in contact with family and friends.

Follow a passion

You can also download the video here. Size 1.21Mb.

Honouring the craftmanship of a previous era by finding and restoring classic cars is Graeme's passion.

Degree of difficulty

You can also download the video here. Size 1.15Mb.

Martin practises a difficult piece on the piano until it sounds the way he wants it to.

Learn a language

You can also download the video here. Size 1.42Mb.

Learning another language and speaking French keeps Katherine going back to classes.

A working career

You can also download the video here. Size 1.57Mb.

Tom enjoys working and colleagues value his vast institutional knowledge.

Music for life

You can also download the video here. Size 1.28Mb.

Leading a community choir, as well as one for people with Parkinsons, keeps Vicki very busy.

Outdoor lifestyle

You can also download the video here. Size 1.19Mb.

Ted works every day tending the vines and loves being outdoors.

A writer's tale

Albert Wendt in his study

Pasifika writer, poet and painter Albert Wendt, ONZ CNZM, has long called Auckland his home.

He may have stepped away from teaching students at the University of Auckland but he is continuing to work.

He has recently released the novel ‘Breaking Connections’ and an autobiography of his early years, ‘Out of the Vaipe, the Deadwater’.

There were very few books available in his early years growing up in a small village in Samoa.

The strong oral culture, however, shaped his work and language, and he plans to keep writing and painting for as long as possible.



After a lifetime of working hard, Douglas Hornigold, 82, retired just two years ago and soon found himself sitting at home bored.

A friend suggested he join the Henley men's shed in Masterton where he found a group of like-minded people busy working on their own and community projects, including building play equipment for local kindergartens.

Douglas says there is always somebody to lend a helping hand and he loves the company.

Keeping up to date

There will always be things that can be done better and we would like your thoughts and ideas. To keep up to date and contribute to our Positive Ageing work you can:

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