Want to get out walking?

You might want to check out some of the /health-wellbeing/keeping-active/epartment of Conservation’s great range of walking options suitable for seniors. These include shorter walks on gentle, mostly flat tracks ranging from a few minutes to an hour.

Three women tramping together

Check out DOC's website

On DOC’s website you’ll find a useful guide to walks all around the country, and you can sort them by the region you are in.

You can also the find the tracks that are the easiest to walk or and those which are suitable for wheel chairs or buggies. Here’s what the page looks like.

Find places to walk screenshot

1. Select your region. If you know of a park in your region that you are particularly interested in you can select that park under ‘place’. You can leave this blank and it will search all parks.

2. Choose the difficulty. The ‘easiest’ walks have even surfaces and no steps or steep sections. The ‘easy’ ones may have steps, but still have even surfaces and bridges across all streams. If you want to limit the time go to ‘duration’ and tick ‘under an hour’. The approximate times it take each walk are listed in the results.

3. If you want to find a track that is suitable for a wheel chair select ‘other’.

Good luck and happy walking.

Images courtesy of Department of Conservation