Staying active

Leading an active lifestyle can help keep you fit and healthy and reduce the risk of common injuries. It’s also a great way to have fun, either on your own, or with friends.

This information comes from the Keep Going for GOLD: Advice for living well over 65 brochure.

How exercise benefits you

The benefits of movement are significant to people at every age, but especially as we get older, it can help us to:

  • maintain and improve strength, balance and flexibility
  • manage existing conditions
  • reduce the chance of developing chronic conditions
  • keep muscles, joints and bones stronger
  • maintain a healthy weight.

Improving your wellbeing

Exercise gets us out and about – fresh air and connecting with friends are wonderful for our sense of wellbeing.

Also, a bit of sunshine helps our bodies to produce Vitamin D which is important for healthy bones.

Exercising with your SuperGold Card

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If you have your SuperGold Card discounts, consider taking public transport instead of using the car; you’ll walk more that way.

If you have enjoyed sport throughout your life, you might want to try something new like golf or swimming.

If you’re not sure how to stay active, talk to friends and peers about what they enjoy.

Your local council or sports trust may also have suggestions specifically tailored to older people – many council recreation centres offer discounts to SuperGold Card holders.

The good news is that even small amounts of increased activity can make a big difference to our health.

Some ways to keep moving

Your SuperGold Card offers really good gym discounts, but if that’s not for you then there are plenty of other ways to keep moving, for example:

  • walking or cycling
  • sports
  • housework and gardening
  • joining a class, like yoga or dancing.

Even if you’re not someone who’s been very active before, it doesn’t take much to start building a bit of exercise into your day routine.

Just find an activity that sounds like fun, and give it a go!

Listen to your body

If you’re picking up an activity you’ve enjoyed in the past, be sure to ease back into it to avoid injury.

No matter what you do, make sure you warm up, use common sense in not overdoing it, and then cool down afterwards.

Recovering from an exercise injury takes a bit longer when we’re older, so looking after ourselves will help us enjoy the activities we love for longer.

If you’re concerned about how much activity is safe for you, talk to your GP.