The Alinker walking bike

If you have a disability the Alinker walking bike could help improve your mobility and independence.

When John Dawson is out and about on his Alinker walking bike people just can’t help smiling.

The Alinker is a bright yellow colour, zips along and is great fun to ride. But the real plus is the Alinker gives accessiblity and independence to people suffering a disability or with Multiple Sclerosis (MS).

About 4,000 New Zealanders have MS and 67 Year old John Dawson is one of them.

“I’ve had MS for 40 years and the recent purchase of the Alinker Bike has totally changed my life. “I’m a very outgoing person and the social aspect is very important to me. The Alinker means I’m at the same height as other people and not sitting in a wheel chair so I can fully interact with what’s going on.

“The Alinker has got also me moving freely. I’m becoming fitter and stronger and it’s been wonderful for my back. For fifteen years I haven’t been able to go walking with my wife so it’s great to have the opportunity to be outside together again.”

The Alinker was invented by Dutch designer Barbara Alink for her mother. It retails for around $3,000 and is available in New Zealand through the Life Unlimited Charitable Trust.

John says it takes less than a minute to fold in down the Alinker and put it in the boot of his car.

“’I’ve even taken it on Air NZ. I was able to ride to the plane door, then they took the bike to the hold and brought it back again on arrival. A couple of flight attendants were so intrigued they even took it for a test drive.

“I use the Alinker every day at work, take it on the train, or when I need to go shopping. I’ve now become a familiar sight on Lampton Quay in Wellington. This bike gets me everywhere I want to go.

“Here’s my advice: if you have a need for it, or are likely to have a need for the Alinker – just go for it, you won’t regret it.”