Having your voice heard

Did you know that some local councils around New Zealand have specific strategies and policies in place for seniors? Some councils also have their own advisory groups.

Making sure your voice is heard

Having a council group for seniors ensures that seniors can have their say and that their voice is heard by council. Some councils around the country have active seniors groups which meet regularly and discuss issues for older people in their community.

For example Rotorua has just established their own Positive Age forum, which meets monthly.

Having a local strategy can help councils plan for services and infrastructure for seniors, particularly since many of our towns and cities are ageing.

Have your say

Do you know if your local area has a strategy and/or group for older people? You can talk to an older persons group in your community, such as Age Concern or GreyPower, or talk with your local council directly if you are interested in being involved in making sure the interests and needs of seniors feature in council services and policies.